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Create your podcast with Castopod and offer the best listening experience to your audience: cross-app comments, transcripts, chapters, video clips, built-in analytics… Learn more about Castopod 


“Podcasting 2.0” features

Offer new & innovative features to your audience: content geolocation, manage persons, transcription and subtitles, chapters…

Integrated social network

Talk to your your audience through the fediverse - a decentralized social network - and connect to millions of users all over the world.

Complete reversibility

Thanks to Castopod's open-source model, your are free to recover all of your data at any time and host your podcasts wherever you wish!

They trust us

🎉 Early birds launch 🎉

For the firstcomers, we're launching our hosting offers on Castopod with discounts!

- € 60 / year
on the annual subscription

-6 / month
on the montly subscription

Choose the offer that suits you best



Free, forever, donations appreciated!

  • Hosted on your server
  • Community support

Plug and play

30  25 with tax / mo.

billed annualy or 30€ monthly

  • Hosted on our servers
  • Bring your own domain name
    or use a free * subdomain
  • Unlimited podcasts and episodes!
  • Unlimited podcasters!
  • 100GB of storage
    (~1,000h of audio content)
  • 1TB of file downloads per month
    (~10,000h of listening time)
  • Worldwide content delivery (CDN)
  • Castopod updates included


Contact us!

We will draw you up a estimated quote

  • Hosted on your servers or on ours
  • Custom features
  • Custom themes
  • Direct user support

Stay tuned!

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